Multimedia and Webpage Design

Multimedia and Webpage Design

Recently Mrs. Julie Hogan’s Multimedia and Webpage Design classes participated in a cross-curricular competition to design a publicity kit for the play “Disco Fever” that was performed by the SHS theatre department on Thursday, November 1, 2012. Mrs. Vanessa Edmundson, director, and the “Disco Fever” cast were the judges. They selected the first, second, and third place winning groups from the publicity kits submitted. Each publicity kit consisted of a newspaper ad, a tri-fold table top display, a flyer, and a program. The Multimedia and Webpage Design students used their typography, principles of design, design elements, and desktop publishing skills to create the publicity kits. The students were divided up into groups.

 The members of the winning groups are as follows:
1st Place:  Ebony Lucas, Akia McLaurin, and Iris Cannady (all freshmen)
2nd Place:  Mason Oxendine (9th), Kyle Adams (11th), and Jeremiah Finney (9th)
3rd Place:  Jacklyn Levario (9th), Sabrina Strong (9th), and Aliyah Samuel (11th)

Submitted by: Julie Hogan, Business Education Teacher

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