National Career Development Month Poster Contest

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Congratulations to our Scotland High School winners of the National Career Development Poster Contest, sponsored by the Career and Technical Education Department. The winner of the Category 1 Poster Contest for first place was Jacob Young receives a $25 gift card. The winners of the Category 2 Poster Contest are 1st Place: Kassidy Clark who receives a $25 gift card, 2nd Place: Erin Paul who receives a $20 gift card, and 3rd Place: Shaquanda Stanback who receives a $15 gift card. Students will also receive a Career and Technical Education (CTE) bag that includes various school supplies. Additionally, all winning posters have been submitted to the North Carolina State Career Development Poster Contest for a chance to place at the state and national level. Winners were members of Ms. Nellie Maltby’s Art Class. All posters are displayed outside of Building #1 in the glass cases facing the plaza.

**Special thanks to our judges of the Poster Contest: Mr. Joe Cullen, Digital Media Instructor, Mrs. Julie Hogan, Multimedia & Webpage Instructor, and Mr. Matthew Smith, Journalism & Publications Instructor.

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