CTE/Gear Up Summer Camp

CTE/GearUp Summer Camp Participants

The GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) and CTE (Career Technical Education) partnered together to provide a free summer camp for over 50 rising 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students in Scotland County during June 23-26, 2014. The camp was held at Scotland High School from June 23-26. The student’s had a great time harvesting potatoes in agriculture and making stir-fry in culinary arts. Additional CTE cluster areas included Business & Marketing and Health Science. The best part of the camp was “having a chance to be in a CTE class that I was actually interested in a career with”, by one of the camp goers.

The students were placed into groups and rotated between sessions where they met new people and made new friends. The students also participated in team building games in small groups with GEAR UP which prepare them to work with their peers. The student’s made college brochures to learn about what schools they might want to attend in the future with great academic teachers. The camp also took the students to tour Sandhills Community College and Richmond Community College which was amazing and gave them the real life idea about college.   IMG_1474

A graduation ceremony was held on June 26th with over 100 family members filling Central Office to watch their students graduate from the camp. The students were awarded an All-Star Award for having a great attitude and learning over the summer. Parents who attended the ceremony commented that “the student’s attitude was very positive and it showed on his facial expression that he did enjoy and appreciate the camp.” The parents also mentioned the camp was a “great learning experience” and “really made the family conversation enjoyable.”

The first GEAR UP & CTE summer camp was a great success. A second session of the camp is scheduled for August 4-8th. Gear Up/CTE Cluster Camp will feature Culinary Arts & Hospitality, Business & Marketing, Health Science, and Trades and Industry. The program is free to all students who participate and GEAR UP & CTE are excited to expand and grow the camp in years to come. IMG_7142 IMG_7397-1186


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