Scotland County Teacher Relies on REAL in Classroom

Tilisa Adkins has taught entrepreneurship and business law at Scotland High School since Scotland County Teacher Relies on REAL  in Classroom2007. During that period she also became a certified REAL facilitator and attended the “Boomerang” workshop to learn even more about REAL techniques. She is a fantastic proponent of how REAL actually works in a classroom setting.

She speaks of the benefits REAL offers students by saying, “It’s a hands-on application. If we have covered something, then the activities pull it together. The benefits to students are limitless and it means so much to me that I have something to draw from easily.”
Tilisa is expanding her use of REAL to offer Youth Entrepreneurship Camps. Scotland County recently received a GEAR UP grant to offer week-long camps in different topic areas including agriculture, business, culinary and health science.

She has a few tips for other REAL facilitators. “I recruit heavily anyone in public high schools to attend NC REAL. It’s such a great supplement . . . I rely on it. People need to go to the training and take the time to study the activities and know them. Take the time to map out a plan. I took the book home after the training and went through it and the flash drive. Learn the material. If you put it aside, it’s totally worthless.”


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