SKILLS USA Students Participate in Project Bauhow

LAURINBURG — Select Scotland High School students received free computers this week through a program called Project BauHow — and one lucky student will attend a summer design camp.

“There are 10 students total in grades nine through eleven,” said Kevin Goins, an instructor at the high school “We selected them through the career interest inventory and their interest in drafting and engineering,”

Each student that was given a computer is required to submit a project in May that will be judged by a panel of Scotland staff. The winner will be selected to attend a design camp at North Carolina State University this summer.

“It’s a good opportunity for me, especially being a freshman,” said Jada Adams, the only freshman in the group.

Other students are excited to receive the CAD software, which stands for computer aided design.

“I would like to be able to use it for projects that I do with my dad,” said junior Shane

Dubbs. “You can lay out different parts of buildings and architecture.”

The project was created through the company North Carolina Modernist Houses, a non-profit company that relies solely on donations in order to better the students and future of architecture by providing CAD software.

“BauHow is a combination of Bauhaus, an arts school in Germany that produced some of the world’s greatest architects,” said Leslie Glasglow, director of BauHow. “And know how, giving the students the know how to create great modern architecture.”

The overall goal is to give students the chance to better themselves through educational equipment.

“I’m excited because getting these computers gives me the opportunity to work more with the drafting software and it’s something I like to do,” said Kyle Ferrell, a junior at Scotland. “I hope to go to North Carolina State and get a four to eight year degree in mechanical engineering.”

All of the students that received the computers and software have a career interest in engineering, architecture or construction.

“I really want to be an architect and this is going to help a lot,” said junior Kayla Simmons, who is eager to take the computer home and start on her project.

Each student will design a modernist house on the CAD equipment for the project. The software can assist in building and drafting architecture.

“This will give them the opportunity to practice and get better with the CAD system at home,” Goins said. “It will also allow the students to develop portfolios and become more competitive with students in other districts.”

Goins hopes by providing the CAD system, Scotland High School students will be as good, if not better than the competition.

“This opportunity will provide our students a distinct advantage,” he said. “When applying to colleges and universities, this will be a definite highlight on their application.”

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