Leaving No Turnip Unturned

Written by Samantha Kappmeirer

Have you ever eaten a raw turnip? The students at Scotland High School sure have!  As October is the beginning of peak season for turnips, we took a stroll to the school’s garden patch which is home to other greens including kale and mustard greens. Through a friendly competition, each group was tasked with picking 5 turnips with the winning team receiving a prize (a North Carolina farm-to-school calendar) for the heaviest bucket. The students delicately navigated the garden patch to find the biggest turnips.

We discussed the health benefits of turnips, how to know when to harvest and how to identify a turnip, especially in our garden which is a hodgepodge of various vegetables. After all of the turnip pulling was finished, we went on to the greenhouse to weigh the vegetables of our labor.  Between the two classes, we harvested 18lbs of turnips!

Using leaves from the bib lettuce growing hydroponically in the greenhouse and slices of raw turnip, the students enjoyed a refreshing and cooling turnip sandwich! All of the students tried the turnip sandwich with some declaring how delicious it was while others stating it just was not for them. The students are looking forward to teaming with the Culinary Arts classes on Friday, October 23rd where they will roast the turnips and sauté the greens using the very turnips they harvested the week prior. Talk about farm to fork!


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