Best Practices in CTE

Tilisa Adkins, Business, Marketing, & Information Technology Instructor; FBLA Advisor

This year Canvas, an online learning management system was introduced to allow teachers an opportunity to incorporate a blended learning environment that enhances student learning. Ms. Adkins, Business, Marketing, and Information Technology teacher as well as FBLA Advisor at Scotland High School is doing an outstanding job in ensuring that her students are taking advantage of this new way of learning in her MSIT classes. Canvas allows for the flexibility of initiating online discussion boards for collaboration and provides an avenue to easily assign tasks to students with the advantage of speed grading assignments. Ms. Adkins added that assignments created contain all materials required by the student in one handy location which can be easily linked to her google drive. She also added that after each lesson she assigns a discussion board titled “Word Up”, where students are to post about lessons learned or troubles with particular topics for that lesson. She has found this function to be useful because students must post first before seeing other students posts.

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Samanthia Hines, Business and Finance Instructor

On Friday, October 30th, students in Ms. Hines Personal Finance class were actively engaged in participating in the “The Marshmallow Challenge”. This activity is a remarkably fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple, but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity. Groups were given limitations to completing this task based on their post-secondary attainment. This was a great activity for students to understand the importance of working as team and how each member contributes to the success of the task, as well as how secondary education and post-secondary education provides opportunities to students post-graduation that are critical to team performance. Students were excited to learn!!

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