The Importance of Handwashing

HS IIOn December 11, 2015, Ms. Faries Health Science II students assisted Mr. Ledbetter in teaching his students in Agriculture Education about the importance of hand washing. The students were divided in groups to experiment with handwashing. Group one washed their hands with hand sanitizer; group two washed their hands with water and no soap; and group three washed their hands with soap and water. Health Science II students used Glo Germ and a black light to illustrate to agriculture students the germs that were left after each particular handwashing technique. Group three’s handwashing technique with soap and water was the moHS successful in getting rid of germs on hands; hand sanitizer was the next best technique. The end results, water alone does not rid your hands of germs so during this winter season, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water!

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