The Hour of Code

Hour of code whiteheadOn December 16, 2015, FBLA students and Advisor, Tilisa Adkins assist Laurel Hill’s 5th Grade Students with participating in The Hour of Code. This event is held each year during Computer Science Week to help inspire young students to learn more about computer science. The event helps to nurture problem-solving skills and creativity to help build a foundation that leads to the many careers available in this career path.

Mrs. Whitehead’s STEM classes and Ms. Adkins MSIT classes at Scotland High School also participated in this event on Monday, January 7th with the following activities:

  1. Presentation – Teachers illustrated the importance of computer science education by showing two videos available at and led into a group discussion.
  2. Students participated in a grid block carpet you activity by place objects on the mat and having students give instructions to navigate them to modeling the movement of the angry bird to the pig.  Their movement was linked in Simon Says with the instructions for the angry bird.
  3. Teacher led demonstrating by playing one game and asking for student participation utilizing the smart board.
  4. Students played one game and also created two jpg files using codestudio.  JPG files were incorporated into a PPT.

Laurel Hill Elementary- Hour of Code

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