Healthy Eating

Food Corps representative Samantha Kappmeier has been busy this year working with students, teachers, and community members throughout Scotland County with a focus on healthy eating. On January 5, 2016, Ms. Kappmeier worked with Wagram Primary’s 3rd grade classes, focusing on a lesson regarding essential vitamins and their purpose for health and which foods contain these vitamins. Students were split into groups and were assigned a specific vitamin where they had to each draw and color a food containing that vitamin. Students created a visual body map to illustrate the various food items and where it affected the body. This process helped the students make connections regarding the information that they were learning. Students finished the lesson by creating a YouTube video that featured a sing-a-long of the various vitamins and their functions. Ms. Ridell and Ms. Cowan’s classes also got to experience this lesson on Friday, January 8th. The students really enjoyed drawing various colorful fruits and vegetables and making sense of all of these vitamins. To see more exciting things happening with Ms. Kappmeier and Food Corps please see the video below.

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