Carver Middle’s TSA Regionals

Carver's TSA

1st Row: Jaheim McRae, Danny Reyes, Keldon Clark, Jonathan Meredith, and Hector Pacheco; 2nd Row: Creed Norton, Ethan Ward, Brena Settharath, Megan Lam, Morgan Stewart, and Jamya Baker; 3rd Row: Adam Miller, Brianna Manuel, Madison Barrow, Kassie Willis, Amanda Whitehead, Haley McGugan, and Audrey Lane. Not Pictured: April Gainey and Ivy Sellers.

Carver Middle School Technology Student Association competed at the North Carolina Technology Student Association Regional Conference in Chapel Hill, NC on February 27, 2016. Twenty students competed in eleven competitive events. Students worked on their projects during school club time and after school with advisors Catherine Gates, Roosevelt Pridgen and Sharon Stephens.

First Place

  • Audrey Lane, Megan Lam, and Amanda Whitehead won in Biotechnology
  • Keldon Clark, Morgan Stewart, and Ethan Ward won in Mass Production
  • Madison Barrow, Brianna Manuel, and Kassie Willis won in Medical Technology.
  • Ethan Ward won Career Prep

Second Place

  • Keldon Clark and Danny Reyes won Problem Solving
  • Adam Miller, Austin (Creed) Norton, and Danny Reyes won Inventions and Innovations
  • Samya Baker, April Gainey, and Ivy Sellers won Children’s Stories

Third Place

  • Morgan Stewart won Career Prep
  • Brena Settharath, Jaheim McRae, and Haley McGugan came in fourth with Tech Bowl
  • Jonathan Meredith and Hector Pacheco also competed in Problem Solving.
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