SHS Students Tour RCC’s Engineering Programs

IMG_0116On Wednesday, April 13th during the ½ Day District-wide Professional Development for teachers, five of Scotland High School students enrolled in Trades & Industrial classes (Plumbing, Electrical Trades, and Drafting), were encouraged by their CTE teacher Mr. Kevin Goins to visit Richmond Community College’s Engineering Programs located at the state-of-the-art Forte Building. Shane Dubbs, Kyle Ferrell, Patrick Maultsby, Hunter McGee, and Kasey Snuggs, realize that a high-quality education in science, technology, engineering, and math is as valuable as ever. During their visit, the students were given a personal tour of the college’s substation, which is an outdoor lab for students enrolled in the Electric Utility Substation and Relay Technology Program (EUSRT). Kyle Ferrell said, “My overall impression of the substation program is that RCC has put a lot of time and money into it to allow students like me an opportunity to go into a career that’s in need of workers”.

After the visit, each student stated that they are considering enrolling in the program once they graduate from high school. Since they have already completed several CCP courses through RCC, they are eligible for RCC’s RichmondCC Guarantee which will allow them to earn their Associate in Applied Science degree tuition free (  Additionally, RCC is the only college in the country to offer such a two-year degree program and is also the only college in the country with a working substation on its campus. To view the EUSRT Program of Study, please visit

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