Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Program of Excellence Award

IMAG1365Congratulations to Dr. Carolyn Banks, Spring Hill Middle Technology Teacher, who was selected by her professional organization NCTEDE because of her commitment to STEM Education, her willingness to conduct workshops for new teachers in Technology Education and her recent work with Hofstra University, the National Science Foundation, and ITEEA. Dr. Banks was recognized at the ITEEA Conference on March 3, 2016 where she presented the project, Water: The World in Crisis which focused on the need for students to be involved in project-based learning activities that help them develop social as well as technical skills. The project was featured in the ITEEA STEM Showcase for best practices in STEM education. To read the full write-up, please select Program Excellence Award news brief.

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The Career Field of Engineering

IMG_1822On Wednesday, February 17tth four engineers from Pilkington/NSG Group spoke with STEM Magnet students at Carver Middle School. Archie Adams, Chris Markotich, Quintin Hunt, and Autumn Sevich each from a different discipline of engineering, spoke about their education and career experiences.

They shared personal experiences and explained how they chose which university to attend. Sevich encouraged students to take advantage of job shadowing and internship opportunities while in grade school to help select a major. Adams challenged students to take harder classes to be better prepared for college courses. They explained how critical math is to engineering, showing several examples of their work on a daily basis. Adams created math problems using real data for the students to solve in class as an extension of real world scenarios.

In addition to the technical skills required of engineers, the group also spoke about the soft skills necessary. They emphasized the importance of team work and how much they collaborate with others to problem solve. Effective communication skills while demonstrating leadership and management skills were other key points discussed. The engineers encouraged the students to maintain a desire to keep learning, explaining engineering involves constant testing and development.

Students enjoyed a laser beam demonstration which illustrated the importance of safety in the workplace. Two student teams were challenged to build the tallest tower given various materials. As the student teams struggled with all the materials to construct a tall tower to stand on its own, Adams built a structure off to the side only using paper. He showed the students the importance of identifying the criteria and constraints with any given problem.

The presentation was in celebration of both CTE Month and Engineers Week to encourage students to explore the engineering career field and the opportunities that exist in Scotland County.

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Carver Middle’s TSA Regionals

Carver's TSA

Carver Middle School Technology Student Association competed at the North Carolina Technology Student Association Regional Conference in Chapel Hill, NC on February 27, 2016. Twenty students competed in eleven competitive events. Students worked on their projects during school club time and after school with advisors Catherine Gates, Roosevelt Pridgen and Sharon Stephens.

First Place

  • Audrey Lane, Megan Lam, and Amanda Whitehead won in Biotechnology
  • Keldon Clark, Morgan Stewart, and Ethan Ward won in Mass Production
  • Madison Barrow, Brianna Manuel, and Kassie Willis won in Medical Technology.
  • Ethan Ward won Career Prep

Second Place

  • Keldon Clark and Danny Reyes won Problem Solving
  • Adam Miller, Austin (Creed) Norton, and Danny Reyes won Inventions and Innovations
  • Samya Baker, April Gainey, and Ivy Sellers won Children’s Stories

Third Place

  • Morgan Stewart won Career Prep
  • Brena Settharath, Jaheim McRae, and Haley McGugan came in fourth with Tech Bowl
  • Jonathan Meredith and Hector Pacheco also competed in Problem Solving.
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Spring Hill TSA Regionals


Spring Hill Middle School Technology Students Association participated in the Southwest Regional TSA Conference at McDougle Middle School in Chapel Hill Saturday February 27, 2016.

Fourteen students participated in the conference and received medallions for their efforts:

  • 1st Place Tech Bowl: Victor Stoneburner, Camryn Massey, and Victor Gordon
  • 1st Place Challenging Technology Issues – Team 1 (Debating): Te’Asa McCoy and Victor Gordon
  • 1st Place Chapter Team (Parliamentary Procedures): Chancellor Byrd, Victor Gordon, Zetanya Bostic Victor Stoneburner, Caleb Smith, and Te’Asa McCoy
  • 2nd Place Joseph Alec Hough: Promoting Marketing
  • 3rd Place Prepared Speech – “Building A Legacy” Camryn Massey
  • 3rd Place Medical Technology (Gluten Feed Foods Apps) – Hinson Peed and Matthew Patterson
  • 3rd Place Challenging Technology Issues Team 2 (Debating): Chancellor Byrd and Caleb Smith.

Other students participating in the conference were Jada McClennahan, Children Stories and Problem Solving, Jayden Grant researching Genetically Modified Food and Problem-Solving, Anthony Reynolds, Problem-solving, and D’Averia Johnson Inventions and Innovations.

Spring Hill TSA members worked very hard at the conference and we congratulate them for a job well done. We are also thankful for Mr. Ron Grant, our TSA parent adviser for traveling with the club to Chapel Hill.

Camryn Massey is the TSA president and Dr. Carolyn Banks is the TSA adviser at Spring Hill Middle School.


Monica & CarolynMeet Pitsco’s 2016 Teacher Advisory Group

Dr. Carolyn Banks and Mrs. Monica Whitehead are two of 25 educators across the nation that will serve on Pitsco’s Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) for 2016. The TAG members hail from 13 different states and will provide activity ideas as well as feedback on Pitsco products, activities, curriculum, and solutions. Their insight will affect the development of Pitsco’s 2017 product releases, and many of their efforts will be displayed on Pitsco’s website, marketing materials, and social media channels.

Pitsco Education’s 2016 Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) includes 25 educators who have been chosen to deliver the kind of insight and feedback that only educators can.  – See more at: