Paxton Patterson

Paxton Patterson


Building Skills ModulesBuilding Skills

Construction Education

BuildingSkills is a high school program designed to give students the opportunity to explore their interests and aptitudes for a career in the construction industry. Students work in teams of 2 covering 20 construction trade areas.

Health Science Education

Health Science CareersThe Health Science Careers program is designed as a complete learning system, including customizable multimedia curriculum, student activity guidebooks, equipment, supplies, and our ADMIN classroom management system.

Five of the top ten projected jobs by demand for the next decade are Healthcare Specific fields. That’s one reason Paxton/Patterson developed Health Science Careers to address a wide range of careers and skills that will attract more students to your Health Science program. Additionally, students that are able to get hands-on experience doing the tasks common to each career are more likely to choose a career that fits their interests and aptitudes best. This means a lower attrition rate for your program and students who are better prepared for the job market.

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