CTE Teacher Presentations

February 19, 2016 District Professional Development

“Differentiate with Career Cruising” Presented by: Sarah Carter, Vonda Graham, and Felicia Ingram

One size does not fit all! We have an eclectic mix of students’ abilities, strengths, and challenges. During this session, valuable strategies will be provided to create a snapshot of student classroom population. Participants will learn how to use the technology resource Career Cruising to administer student surveys to determine learning styles and interests to generate class reports. Participants will walk away with the tools necessary to help differentiate instruction!

“Digger Deeper to Increase Student Growth” Presented by: Kevin Goins

Are you looking for ways to improve student literacy while incorporating global awareness into your classroom instruction? This session will help you to dig deeper into the data by utilizing EVAAS to implement a method to increase student literacy through the online program “Newsela”. Participants will walk away with tools to use in the classroom that will increase student engagement by tapping into student interest and bring relevancy to learning. Participants will learn how to maximize instructional time and enhance student learning.


“Sum It Up” Presented by: Jody Odom
If your school day is like mine, you need to take advantage of every available measure to help streamline activities in an effort to maximize instructional time. This session will help to accomplish that for number 8 (SUMMARIZE) of the 10 Non-Negotiables. You will learn how to utilize Canvas and Google docs to create a computer generated daily summarizer. In the last 5 minutes of your class students will be able to access this summarizer through their Canvas account to answer the daily Essential Question. Student responses are organized in a spreadsheet using Google docs for easy accessibility. Participants will walk away with tools to help them tailor their instruction that maximizes class time and enhances student learning. No more paper version of exit tickets. Let Canvas and Google docs do it for you.

“SPICE IT UP: Add a little SAMR to your daily lessons!” Presented: Samantha Ray

Are you looking to add something extra to your daily lessons? If so, this session on Digital Media using Adobe software will help you “SAMR-Up” your main course. Participants will learn to significantly redesign lesson plans by creating new tasks through audio production, graphic design, and simple animation practices.


“Problem-Solving for the Real World”  Presented By: Monica Whitehead

This presentation focuses on hands-on projects that help students solve real-world problems. Remember the Egg Drop/Package Design project? This goes beyond dropping the egg and explains why you dropped it and how that applies to real life. Remember building Spaghetti Towers? This presentation goes beyond spaghetti and marshmallow construction and explores shapes and structures needed in the world today. These projects are appropriate for both middle and high school.