Futures 4 Kids/Career Cruising

Futures 4 Kids is a career exploration program that connects students to Career Coaches and businesses throughout North Carolina that is powered by the Career Cruising system. Students are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in the 21st Century.

Futures for Kids Training

Futures 4 Kids Webinars

Career Day/Fair Activities

Career Cruising is an online career exploration program that uses innovative technology to inspire students dreams by providing real-world career information.

Course Planner is a program that allows students to register for high school courses online. Students can view a demo of Course Planner to learn more about the registration process.

Method Test Prep was put together by a team of certified professional tutors and Ivy League graduates to provide educators and students with an ACT or SAT online prep service.

Futures 4 Kids Parent Portal

Parent Portal Account in Futures 4 Kids:

Staff Portal Video: This link allows staff to see how to set up parent accounts. Parents will not be able to register until they have received an activation code from school.  This video will show you how to create activation codes for parents. It is about 5 minutes.

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