Instructional Management

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The purpose of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Instructional Management is to provide schools with a computerized system that can be used to:

  • Disseminate essential standards in the form of blueprints for courses.
  • Provide instructional strategies to teach essential standards containing 21st century content.
  • Provide formative, benchmark, performance, and summative assessments.
  • Document student achievement and academic growth.
  • Provide accountability data.


CTE Instructional Management is a competency-based, computer-supported system that encompasses:

  • Instructional planning informed by data.
    • 21st century assessment of students using technology tools for delivery.
    • Aggregated and disaggregated reports by student, by class, by teacher, by school, by LEA and by state.
    • Involvement of business representatives, local administrators, and teachers.
    • Comprehensive, customized professional development for all CTE teachers.

Components provided by North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI)

  • Development of the Essential Standards with validation by business and industry
  • Over 100 course blueprints containing 21st century content developed by teachers and reviewed by business and industry
  • Electronic classroom and secure test item banks and performance assessments aligned to essential standards for courses
  • Curriculum guides developed or adopted for use containing instructional activities and instructional support materials
  • Course design and development
  • Customized comprehensive professional development
  • New course design and revision using the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Regional User Group assistance with implementation and use of related technology

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