Tips for Teacher and Student Success

Friday, January 22, 2016

Classroom Management Guidelines

Always Be Prepared – have notes ad materials ready before the class begins

Take Control of Learning – control the learning experience from the beginning of class


  • Hook the class with a video/news article/picture that will lead them into the objective they are about to learn
  • Use your item bank questions as your higher order thinking questions ask the questions at the beginning of class then at the end of class

Be Positive – stress the positive in your students

Be Consistent – keep to your rules regarding your standards and expectations; from the beginning establish rules, regulations or program standards, and consequences

Provide examples and demonstrate procedures of assigned tasks so that students will know exactly what is expected

Teach in Steps – steps will allow for learner success

Reinforce – after every correct response when teaching a new concept

Frequent praise helps students feel confident and successful