CTE Programs of Study by Clusters

Sample Programs of Study (Select below to view a detailed High School, College and Career Plan)

SCS Advanced Manufacturing 5-Year Plan Final
SCS Welding Tech Plan 4-Year Plan Final
SCS Business Administration & Finance 5-Year Plan
SCS Information Technology 5-Year Plan Final
Dental Hygienist Program of Study

Click here for the HSTW Rigorous Programs of Study 10-Framework Components to the alignment of the CTE Program of Study alignment and the HSTW 10 Key Practices.

CTE Program of Study and HSTW 10 Key Practices Alignment Poster

What are Career Clusters and Pathways?

Career Clusters prepare learners for a full range of occupations/career specialties, focusing on technical, academic and employability knowledge and skills. Pathways provide students with specific knowledge and skills.

CTE Career Clusters:

  • Prepare students for postsecondary education
  • Prepare students for initial and continued employment
  • Assist students in making education and career decisions
  • Apply and reinforce related learning from other disciplines
  • Prepare students to make informed consumer decisions and apply practical life skills

Select one of the links below to view a sample Program of Study

Agriculture Education POS

Architecture & Construction POS

Arts, AV Technology and Communications POS

Business Management POS

Finance Poster POS

Health Science POS

Hospitality & Tourism POS

Human Services Cluster

Information Technology POS

Manufacturing POS

Marketing POS

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) POS

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