Cultivate a Career 2012

Volunteer to Work at the 2012 State FairCultivate a Career

Cultivate a Career is an educational exhibit at the NC State Fair sponsored by the NC Department of Agriculture. The goal of the exhibit is to help visitors match their career interests with careers in the Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources career cluster. Some visitors may be looking to change careers, just starting to explore careers, looking for a green hobby, or might just want a better awareness of how food gets to their plate.

Volunteers are needed to to help out at the exhibit. Volunteers will help visitors discover their career interests, match their interests with careers, navigate the exhibits, and determine the next step in their life journey, which may be choosing high school electives or sending them to the right college program.

Volunteers to work one or more three-hour shifts at the Cultivate a Career exhibit.  When you are not scheduled to work, you may explore the rest of the fairgrounds. Volunteers will be provided with a ticket that will give them access to the fair for that entire day. Volunteers will be provided with a parking permit allowing them to park accross the street from the exhibit.

Cultivate a Career at the NC State Fair

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